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Point Commissions~ [OPEN] *CHEAPish*
  I have listed prices on my page for commissions, properly this time. So please, if you are interested, check 'em out! 
I think the prices are relatively reasonable, but I would like to point out that I am still available for negotiation, state your offer, but please stay in a reasonable range... I won't draw something like this: 
....for no 100-200 points... :1
Stuff like that takes me three days or more, so I hope you understand where I am coming from. 
I will draw almost anything, from NSFW, anthro, alien, fanart, animal, and human. Just tell me what you'd like~! 
If you feel the need to donate as well, feel free! I am still currently trying to save up for a core membership and every point helps! If you do donate out the kindness in your heart, I want to thank you ahead of time. So, thank you!
Price run down-
Digital Line Art: Not colored, just line art of your character, or your favorite character. 150 Points
:iconnecomara:Necomara 2 15
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Name: Artyom Nas'Fortes

Species: Human/Quarian Hybrid

Class: Soldier

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Age: 27

Nickname: Arty (only by family and close friends.)

Alias: 'Snapshot' His proficiency with assault and sniper rifles along with the fact he rarely misses his target.

Occupation: Former Assassin, N7 Agent.

Family: Father(50) (deceased in reaper invasion of Earth), Mother(49) and Sister(16) on Quarian fleet.

Home: Owns family manor in Russia, Lives with Mother and Sister when visiting Quarian Fleet.

Appearance: Has a very pale skin color almost a light grey in color. A rather stern yet calm gaze about him. Artyom is considered rather handsome by both Quarian and Human standards. Artyom was born with Heterochromia one eye being a grey silver and the other being a dark brown. Artyom also bears more similarity to a human due to having 4 digits on his hands and toes. With his helmet off Artyom grows facial hair which tends to give him a weathered look.

Clothing: Artyom wears a normal quarian envirosuit though the hood and primary color are white and he has a red colored face mask. His suit resembles that of human armor partially.

Armor: Artyom had to design a suit of armor for himself and did so with the help of his mother and father. His father helped him design the armor made from a old tattered family heirloom of fatigues. Hiss mother helped him design the mechanical portion of the suit by fitting a exoskeleton to the exterior and helping him set the shielding. The helmet is also unique to the armor and it all means quite a lot to Artyom due to his family's involvement in its creation.…

Brief History: Artyom was conceived due to the help of Human and Hanar scientists on Earth. He was born and raised in the country of Russia with his father and mother. Artyom was a troubled child as as a hybrid made it hard for the young child to fit in but eventually he was accepted and made a few friends. He also learned of his human and quarian culture . Artyom looked up to his father as the man was involved with N7 operations and often would tell Artyom of his missions. This inspired Artyom to join the Alliance at the young age of 16 as a cadet. Artyom's mother didn't take kindly to this and after having a large fight the two eventually split up but still held emotions for each other. Artyom slowly rose through the ranks proving his worth as a soldier and following his father's path. Artyom had hit a bump in the road when his Earth citizenship was temporarily suspended and he was sent back to the floatilla for 2 years during this time he performed his pilgrimage and did some assassination contracts only taking out targets he deemed that deserved to die. He eventually was allowed to return to Earth and after reinstating his Alliance status he finally reached his dream and achieved N7 status after 9 years of work.

Personality: Artyom inherited one thing that has been plaguing his family for centuries and that is stubbornness as well as his pride for his cultures. He is a kindhearted individual and despite his seemingly serious appearance he is very friendly and welcoming to others. Artyom is very family oriented seeing them as a rather important part of his life and he bears great love for his Mother and Sister and even his Father going as far as to even pause his work to check on them is something is going on. Artyom let's his family often now of his work in order to assure them that he is fine and well though he doe often lie not wanting them to become concerned about his safety seeing as he knew the risks of being N7. Artyom isn't very expressive of his emotions especially disdain able to conceal ill emotions to those he dislikes though often this can lead to him erupting on someone if they push him too much this also cuts another way when he becomes saddened or depressed but despite this Artyom can push through. Artyom is described often as a Friendly but dutiful soldier with the patience of a saint as well as being a fair but morally strict individual who will think about his actions before seeing them through.


United States


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